Our Story

Our mission 

We believe the deepest relations arise through connection and sensuality – engaging the senses. We create unisex products that encourage inclusiveness in gender, sexuality and self-expression. 
byboys aim is to produce ethically made products that facilitate connection with yourself and your partner. A reminder for us to be present in all exchanges.

Who is byboys? 

byboys is run by two passionate women who dance to the beat of their own drum and support and lift each other up every step of the way. 
We are based in Melbourne, Australia. 

Where it all began...

Feeling a sense of frustration and exhaustion with technology, social media, and all things designed to pull my attention away from being present; I quickly realised I was getting caught up in the distractions and forgetting to be present. Not only with myself, but also the people I truly care about.
I gravitated to a book called ‘Lost Connections’ by Johann Hari. A beautiful reminder of the true importance of connection with ourselves and others. This sparked up conversations with friends about how they experience connection in their own lives. 
I was inspired by a conversation with a friend who opened up about nearly separating from his wife, particularly due to long work days causing physical separation. He and his wife decided they would give it one last shot before parting ways. He commited to massaging his wife every night from head to toe, without distraction. There was no end game or agenda - just love, connection and being present
This is where the penny dropped! I began creating balance in my life and focussing on enjoying moments that matter with myself and those around me. 
Even if it was just a fleeting moment,  smiling at the person walking past. 
With experience working with oils under my belt, and a passion for experimenting mixing oils at home, it felt like a natural progression to create a massage oil that enhances connection with the self and others. 

What makes us different?  

byboys is focussed on returning us to what’s important; a conscious way of living. Love is love regardless of gender, race, or sexulity - we aspire to reflect this in all we do. 
Our products are made of organic plant-based ingredients, free of chemicals, synthetics and parabens. As a result, our formulations are sophisticated and effective, whilst remaining natural. Curating gender neutral products and encouraging freedom to explore. 
Our materials are cruelty free and ensure they have minimal impact on our planet. We aim to practice responsibility and thoughtfulness within everything we use and do. 


What's next?

We have stamina – byboys is always looking to do better. 
Our vision for the future is to establish a community of individuals that are empowered by their ability to freely express themselves. No matter the gender or sexuality, we truly believe everyone is worthy of holistic wellbeing. 
Sustainability is underpinned by everything we do. We're eternally searching for ways to reduce our impact on the planet and to simplify every element - forever evolving.