Lovers #1

“How the art of massage saved our marriage. 


The strain of working 70+ hour weeks began to wear away at my marriage with my wife. Balancing life with our three kids, and work was pretty exhausting. The long days and early mornings caused us to drift apart - physically and emotionally. We were both on the verge of walking away from our marriage.


Finding ourselves looking down the barrel of an inevitable divorce, we decided to give it one last shot at making things work before separating. I made a commitment to my wife that day that changed our relationship forever; to massaging her head-to-toe every night. No matter how tired I am.

No expectations or end-game, just purely connecting with each other. I mean of course, sometimes I get lucky! But for us, the time we have spent connecting and communicating has been more valuable than anything else. 


It isn't just the massage that saved us, it was the commitment made, the communication shared, and the time created every evening to simply connect. We’ve now been together for 9 years and haven’t looked back.


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