Massage + Body Oil

Intimate. Sensual. Inclusive.

Our natural aphrodisiac massage & body oil is plant-based and organic.

Enhance your next date night, or pamper yourself with our luxrurious, unisex formula.


I absolutely love everything about this oil. From the texture, to the luxurious scent - the entire experience is so enjoyable.


I just LOVE the Get Naked By Boys massage oil. I have sensitive and dry skin so I'm always conscious about what I'm putting on it. I have found this product to be non irritating and also very moisturising. I also feel like the oil is long lasting so you don't use too much which makes it really very good value. I also find the smell with the essential oils really calming and relaxing.


I love using this with my partner - it gives us a chance to reconnect on an intimate level at the end of a long day.


It's my new favourite way to pamper my skin after a shower or bath"

Massage & Body oil 100ml Massage & Body oil 200ml Massage & Body oil 30ml Square Bottle

About our

Massage & Body Oil

Designed with one express purpose in mind – to bring people together. Formulated with pure natural ingredients using the essential oil Ylang Ylang, a potent scent with proven stress-relieving, anti-anxiety, and mood elevating properties.

Get Naked oil has an exotic, deep fragrance with slightly sweet fruity notes that are warm and comforting. The special blend of coconut, almond and macadamia oils add a nutty aroma, naturally toning down the usual floral scent that Ylang Ylang releases.

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